Orphan Black Season 3 Premiere Recap: “The Weight of This Combination”

April 18, 2015 by Corrina

Dear Clone Club, we’ve missed you! And your return? It did not disappoint. When last season ended, we were left wondering: about Cosima’s health, about Helena’s captors, about Rachel’s vital signs, and about Project Castor. How many of them are there? Are they self-aware? What is the purpose behind the program? Are they all as crazy-eyed and off-putting as Rudy, the male clone Sarah was introduced to?


In the first episode of season three, we get some answers (along with a slew of new questions—classic Orphan Black style).

Let’s start with the good news: Cosima appears to be on the mend. She’s not hauling around that oxygen tank all the time and she looks stronger—which is a good thing, because not halfway into the episode Delphine turns up at Felix’s door and stomps on her heart. Not that it was an easy thing for Dyad’s new top brass to do.


Then there’s the not so good news: Helena is trapped not at her own baby shower (man, can those things be a drag) but in a wooden box. Instead of her sestras to keep her company, she’s got a scorpion—imagined, it would seem, considering the fact that it can carry on a conversation while doing a little bit of soothsaying on the side.


As for Alison, her troubles are more domestic in nature than international-undercover-cloning-program-related. Donnie’s been fired from his job and the candidate for local trustee is threatening to redraw the school districts—the equivalent to a declaration of war in Alison’s world.


Sarah, as usual, is dealing with the most bonkers aspects of being a member of the Clone Club. In this first episode, things get really wild for the Wild One (as her Castor counterpart calls her) when Delphine asks, sorry, orders her to impersonate Rachel in order to cover up what’s happened to the Dyad’s pet clone—now short one eye and alleged to have some degree of brain damage.


Thrown together with Ferdinand, a psychopathic-seeming cleaner from Topside, Sarah-as-Rachel is tasked with placating him in more ways than one. After she and Delphine give him a tour of Dyad, Ferdinand imposes on Fake Rachel to host him for cocktails at her apartment that evening. That’s when she learns about Helsinki and the plot to assassinate her sisters over the course of the next 24 hours.

But before Sarah makes any rash decisions…


Delphine steps in to minimize the mess and get Ferdinand onside.


Helsinki is aborted and Sarah, Alison, and Cosima are spared but things aren’t so rosy for Helena. Having spent the last 48 hours in a wooden crate, she finds that what awaits her outside the box doesn’t bode well.



Nor does the release of this guy:


Burning Questions

Who’s the strange woman watching Helena on the security camera?

What does Castor want with Helena?

Or is the question what do they want with her baby? Do they even know she’s pregnant?

What’s Castor’s involvement with the Leda clones in general? They seem decidedly unfriendly, but is that a red herring?

Rudy tells Sarah she’s trusting the wrong people by putting her faith in Marion and Dyad. So, um, who are the right people? Because no one all that trustworthy has emerged so far, certainly not him and his deranged brothers?

Also, how does Rudy know so much about Sarah and her family?

Oh, hello new scary Delphine! When did our favourite Frenchie get so vicious? (We like it.)

Speaking of vicious, what information did Delphine get out of Rachel with that little thumb-in-the-old-eye-socket trick?

“The Weight of This Combination” by the Numbers

Number of food items Helena dreams about eating in her baby shower dream: 5 (cupcakes, ox liver, cookies, kolbasa, and babka cake)

Number of clones killed in a single day in Helsinki in 2006: 6

Number of clones almost killed in Helsinki 2.0: 3 (we think, but who knows if Ferdinand was planning more)

Amount of patience Delphine has for Rachel: 0

Number of eyes Rachel has left: 1

Number of Castor clones Sarah has met: 2

Number of boxes Helena is in at the beginning of the episode: 3

Number of boxes she’s in at the end: 2