Orphan Black Recap: “Certain Agony of the Battlefield”

May 23, 2015 by Corrina

What does it feel like to have a double dose of Castor blood coursing through your veins? If you’re Sarah Manning, it’s not so great—but it could be a lot worse. At the beginning of this episode, we find Sarah fever-dreaming about chasing Kira and being pumped full of Rudy’s blood. Naturally, she wakes up and immediately vomits. Who wouldn’t?

While her daughter was an illusion, the transfusion was not. Rudy’s Castor blood is making Sarah sick—all in the name of Dr. Coady’s twisted science.


Sarah’s been missing for nearly a week now and her sisters (save Helena) are worried. So are Felix and Mrs. S, the former going to great lengths to find out where she might be. Like, sneaking-into-Dyad-to-push-Rachel-around lengths. Rachel doesn’t know anything about Sarah—but she may know a thing or two about decoding the contents of Doctor Moreau…


Cosima is concerned too, but she’s got her own issues to deal with. Between the demands of her new relationship and her job at Dyad, her hands are full. And that’s before Delphine reappears to give her hell about, well, a laundry list of grievances, actually.


Not only is Delphine furious that no one informed her about Sarah’s disappearance, she’s also angry that Scott and Cosima have been using Dyad’s dime to analyze Gracie’s mysterious condition. Oh yes, and then there’s that Castor brain the pair have in their possession. And just incase Delphine needed a reason to be even more incensed, it seems it was her who hired that photographer to spy on Cosima during her first date with Shay. Those pictures have to hurt.


Also painful? Finding out that your wife once made out with her high school sweetheart in the stockroom of the store you’re trying to buy. Poor Donnie. At least he got to jump on the bed in his underwear earlier. That seems like it would be a special treat in a household run by Alison.

Bubbles stockroom aside, the episode’s most dramatic revelations all come to light at Castor HQ, where Paul and Sarah uncover the true purpose behind Dr. Coady’s machinations. After Rudy brought an ailing woman to base some months ago, Coady realized that the Castor defect is sexually transmitted, and she began an experiment in human sterilization, hoping to use the end result as a weapon. Not knowing that it’s the agents in Arlington who Coady is working for, Paul puts her on lockdown and calls the enemy for help. Thanks to Mark, he’s alerted to his mistake and gets the only clone he’s ever loved to safety before making the ultimate sacrifice.


It’s a heart-wrenching ending, softened a little by the fact that Helena, after making a “sandwich” out of her scorpion friend, returns to help her sestra complete her escape.

Burning Questions

Is Shay merely a nosey new girlfriend or is she a threat to Cosima? Why was Delphine spying on them? It can’t be simple jealousy, can it?

Which Leda clone did Sarah see in her Castor-blood-induced delirium: Rachel as a child? Charlotte, Marion Bowles’ young ward? She didn’t seem to have anything wrong with her leg so does that mean it was young Rachel?

And about that delirious state, Beth’s message to Sarah was pretty on point (and useful). Is there something in their DNA that gives them an enhanced connection? Like twins who can practically read each other’s mind?

What will happen to Mark if his brothers discover he betrayed them to help Paul and Sarah?

Wait, did Mark even survive Paul’s grenade blast? Did any of the Castor clones? And if Mark did make it, will he ever see Gracie again?

Why is Rachel reduced to tears by a photo of her father? Does she have a heart afterall or is it a byproduct of the brain damage Sarah’s pencil did?

“Certain Agony of the Battlefield” by the Numbers

Days since Sarah went missing: 5

How worried Felix is on a scale of 1 to 10: 13 (worried enough to demand a meeting with Rachel and harass her until she cries)

Units of Castor blood Sarah had pumped through her veins: 2

Scorpion “sandwiches”: 1

Number of suitcases Paul showed up with when he moved in with Beth: 2

Hours until Arlington’s extraction team can reach the Castor base: 6

Number of Leda clones Paul has been in love with: just one, and it wasn’t Beth