Orphan Black Recap: “Community of Dreadful Fear and Hate”

May 30, 2015 by

It’s so great to see Sarah and Helena out of Castor jail and spending some quality sestra time in a cute Mexican cantina. It’s less great to hear Helena plotting to murder Mrs. S—but her anger is definitely understandable. It sucks being Sacrificed to Castor for your slightly more likeable clone.


With Sarah off taking an episode-long shower (you need at least 30 minutes just to wash the first layer of Castor off of you) Mrs. S and Helena are left to hash it out, with the cantina’s sage-like bartender refereeing the proceedings.


While Sarah is showering, Shay is pretending to. After Delphine shows up at her apartment expressing her concern for Cosima’s health (and hilarious disregard for Shay’s feelings) Cos’s new squeeze decides to eavesdrop on their conversation from the bathroom. Sure, Cosima can be a little cagey, but Shay’s spy routine is unflattering. Not that Delphine came off looking good after she sent a photographer to follow Cosima on her first post-breakup date. At least Delphine’s concerns are fueled by more than just jealousy—by the end of the episode we find out just how dire Cosima’s condition is. Up until that point, she’s the only one not taking her health seriously. Delphine, Scott, and even Alison—wrapped up in her drug dealing/campaigning as she is—are all worried.

Alison’s own troubles, while somewhat less life-threatening, seem to all be catching up to her at once. The usually organized Ali somehow scheduled a major drug deal, a major purchase, and a major campaign event all for the same day.


Of course, there are mix ups. Big ones. The envelope containing $30,000 in drug money goes to election officials and the one with the signatures Alison needs to enter the race for school trustee ends up in the hands of the same drug kingpin who once chopped off Vic’s fingers—he threatens to chop of Donnie’s nose this time, unless he gets his cash in 30 minutes.

In another classic Orphan Black situation where having a clone is more of a help than a hindrance, Cosima (in search of genetically identical pee to pass off as her own) shows up to pose for Alison’s campaign photos and give the first part of her speech for her. So Donnie gets to keep his nose and at the last minute, Alison resumes her place at the podium and delivers an election speech that makes even her monster of a mother proud.


For a few minutes, anyway. After Jason kissed a Cosima he thought was Alison, Connie Hendrix comes across both sisters in the bathroom and is abruptly granted spontaneous membership into the Clone Club—an honour she rejects by flippantly dismissing the possibility of any genetic similarity based on Cosima’s hairstyle. We can’t pack Connie off to Florida fast enough.

Lastly, there’s been a breakthrough with the Dr. Moreau mystery: Rachel remembers the secret language her father used to hide information in the novel. She and Scott have begun to decode it—only she won’t tell him what it means. That information is for Sarah’s ears only…

Burning Questions

How will Helena adjust to normal (read: non-Prolethean, non-Castor, non-institutionalized) life when she returns with Sarah and Mrs. S? Will she find Jesse?

We’re still suspicious of Shay. The eavesdropping on Delphine and Cosima wasn’t cool. Does she genuinely like Cosima or does she have other motives? (Or are we just die hard Team Delphine supporters?)

Alison is totally going to win this election, right? Her speech was awesome.

While we’re glad the whole political thing is going well for Ali, we’re a bit worried about her other business. Will Jason’s obvious feelings for her be a source of trouble?

Rachel obviously remembers the secret language she shared with her father—but she won’t let Scott in on it, only Sarah. Why?

What’s going on with Cosima’s health? That blood bath was, uh, worrisome? To say the least.

Where are Coady and the surviving Castor Clones? They’ll no doubt be reappearing soon (those that lived, anyway) and they probably won’t be too pleased with Sarah and Helena.

“Community of Dreadful Fear and Hate” by the Numbers

Punches Mrs. S takes to the face: 3

Punches she doles out: 1

Envelope switcheroos: 2

Minutes Donnie has until his nose is to be cut off: 30

Minutes it took for Alison to get Pouchy’s niece the money to save Donnie’s nose: 30

Hours Scott spends building medieval farms: an alarmingly high number

Number of passive-aggressive insults Connie Hendrix levels at her daughter: at least a dozen