Orphan Black Recap: “Scarred by Many Past Frustrations”

May 16, 2015 by

All she had to do was stay away, but when it come to her sisters, Sarah Manning can’t seem to follow that one little rule. Which is why she wound up sharing a cell wall with Helena at whatever godforsaken army base Project Castor is using as their current HQ.


Subjected to a barrage of pokings, proddings, and testings by the Castor medical team, Sarah can’t even take comfort in being reunited with her sister: Helena’s scorpion pal has her convinced that Sarah sold her out (it doesn’t help that Dr. Coady told her the same). Deceived by her true enemies, Helena gives Sarah the cold shoulder—even after Paul shows up and attempts to set her straight. It really is the least he could do.

Back in the city, Detective Bell is surprised to find an orphan of another sort knocking on his door. Kicked to the cult curb by her Prolethean family, Gracie takes Sarah’s advice and turns to Art when she finds she has nowhere else to go. He brings her to longtime orphan shelterer, Mrs. S—a move Felix finds less than satisfactory. Though he does soften once Gracie proves herself partly deprogrammed by dressing up in a seriously risque outfit and demanding alcohol and a dance party.


Cosima is having an equally exciting evening when her Sapphire date turns out to be a total catch—one who’s into massages and first date make out sessions. Delphine who?

Heartbreak aside, Cosima’s day is going way better than Sarah’s. After offering herself up to be punched in the nose by a guard, Sarah manages to swipe a pair of tweezers from the infirmary: just the thing that she and Helena need to bust out of Castor jail. Following a tearful speech about Kira, Helena appears to forgive her sestra and lets her in on the plan to break free.

Scratch that, she just uses her. After Helena butters herself up and squeezes through the barred window of her cell door, she leaves Sarah behind, telling her that the score has been evened. So. Harsh. But even harsher for this guy…


Meanwhile at Mrs. S’s, the party has taken a turn for the dramatic. A dancing Gracie suddenly doubles over in pain, seemingly still suffering from the side effects of her miscarriage. At least that’s what we assume… until we see her eyes.


And Gracie’s not the only one with ophthalmological issues. Patty, the woman who had a bad date with Castors Seth and Rudy a little while back? She’s been wearing her sunglasses at night, too.


Burning Questions

Who was lurking outside the bar where Cosima had her Sapphire date and why were they taking photos of her?

And what about this new love interest? Can we trust her?

Why is Paul digging through the Castor log books? He seems to be unaware of this extra-creepy part of the project. What is Dr. Coady hiding from him?

Where did Dr. Coady come from? What is her history with the cloning project? She’s obviously been with the Castor clones from the beginning, but how was she recruited and why?

What’s up with Helena’s priorities? She gave up her first escape for Parsons but abandoned Sarah? And even after Paul told her Sarah wasn’t behind her Castor kidnapping.

Augh! What’s wrong with Gracie and that poor woman that Rudy and Seth assaulted? Red eyes at night equals no one’s delight.

“Scarred by Many Past Frustrations” by the Numbers

Pats of butter required for a prison bust: 12, minimum

“Intimate contacts” left red-eyed by Castor boys: 2 (that we know of)

Number of gin and juices a former Prolethean can stomach: 2.5

Hours of leave Rudy is granted due to Paul’s arrival: 48

Number of lies Mark tells Dr. Coady: only two, but they’re big ones.

Length of Helena’s dinner countdown: 5 seconds

Number of Siberian “sandwiches” Helena has eaten: don’t know/don’t want to know