Orphan Black Recap: “Transitory Sacrifices of Crisis”

April 25, 2015 by Corrina

What do two Castor brothers do with a night off in the big city? Apparently they turn into fraternity brothers. Seriously warped, ultraviolent ones. After Seth busts Rudy out of Dyad jail, Rudy returns the favour in the best (read: most screwed up) way he knows how: by bringing home a “date” for them to share/assault. The terrified young woman miraculously makes it out of their apartment alive—although with a bit less hair on her head than she had going in.


In another less depraved part of town Sarah and Cal are thinking about shacking up—somehow the humble woodsman has scrounged together the cash to ditch his motor home for a pricey, light-filled loft in the big city. But before they can discuss paint samples, carpet swatches, and Cal’s former career as a weapons designer, Sarah is called away by Beth Childs’ old partner Detective Art Bell, who has been dealing with the assault complaint filed by Seth and Rudy’s victim.


The Castor clones have yet to be caught by the police, but they are getting a dressing down from Paul, sorry, Major Paul, who subjects them to a Blade Runner-like interrogation designed to test… something. Whatever it is, Seth doesn’t test well and Paul calls off the mission, sending them back to base—and to “mother.”

Speaking of mothers, the fact that Helena is in line to become one gets her out of a tortuous (literally) situation. While being waterboarded by Castor & Co., the woman we met late during the last episode steps in to stop the “stress test” on account of Helena’s positive results on another test: for pregnancy. The chain-smoking woman is Dr. Virginia Coady (known to the Castor brothers as “mother”).


Back at Dyad, the talk is all about the original Leda and Castor genome and its donors. The Duncans guarded their identities closely and the information appears to be lost. And in the suburbs, soccer mom Alison is adding drug dealer to her C.V. in a strategic move to get elected as school trustee. Seems counterintuitive, right? But Alison has a plan…


Alone at the new apartment, Cal is paid a visit by Paul, who Sarah has been trying to track down. Paul offers him a warning: get Sarah and Kira far away—or else. It’s the same message that Mrs. S has been sending but so far she’s failed to reach Sarah.

That all changes when Rudy and Seth show up at Felix’s for bathtime. Kira is confronted by the Castor Clone and taken at gunpoint. Turns out he’s after the same information as everyone else: tissue samples from the clone originals. Convinced that Sarah is as in the dark as he is, Rudy lets Kira go, sparing Cal, too, even after he’s forced to put two bullets into Seth’s chest due to a seismic and fatal-seeming glitch. The close call convinces Sarah, and Cal and Kira are packed off to Iceland so that Sarah can focus her efforts on getting Helena back. First step: finding Mark the Prolethean/Castor clone.


Oh, here he is.


See you next week, Clone Clubbers!

Burning Questions

What does that Voight-Kampff-esque test that Paul uses on Rudy and Seth tell him? And why is Helena subjected to it back at the base?

Did Paul call off the Castor mission because Seth was glitching or did he have other motives?

What did Rudy and Seth want with that chunk of their victim’s hair? What are they going to do with it?

Who told Donnie that “fist me” was a saying? And when will they tell him it’s a “fist bump” that he should be asking for instead (before he gets into some serious trouble)?

Who is this Dr. Virginia Coady and what does she want with Helena?

This new doc at Dyad: friend or foe or…. what?

Does Cal’s newly revealed background as a weapons designer have anything to do with Dyad, Project Castor, Topside, or any of the other forces wreaking havoc on the Leda sisters’ lives?

Why did Rudy spare Sarah, Kira, and Cal? And what is the significance of the notebook he pulled out of Seth’s pocket?

“Transitory Sacrifices of Crisis” by the Numbers

Number of empties scattered around Rudy and Seth’s apartment: 17

Ratio of Castor clones to girls willing to go home with Castor clones: 2:1

Estimated number of cigarettes Dr. Coady smokes per day: 14

Number of scenes stolen by Helena’s imaginary scorpion friend: 1

Castor clones gone AWOL: 2

Parties seeking the tissue samples from the original Castor and Leda clones: 3

Number of doctors who are rich and also fools: GLITCH!