Orphan Black Season 3 Finale Recap: “History Yet to Be Written”

June 20, 2015 by Corrina

With the discovery of who is really pulling all the strings behind both projects Castor and Leda, several lines are drawn and the unlikeliest of alliances are formed in this season finale of Orphan Black.

Who would of guessed that a hatred of Neolutionism would unite Ferdinand with Sarah’s camp? The enemy of my enemy and all that.


The Topside cleaner’s about-face wasn’t the only surprising pivot the episode contained: Delphine, too, had a change of heart, reaching out to the woman she once threatened to cut open in a bathtub. She also gave her blessing for Cosima to tell Shay the truth about Leda. In the moment, it seemed like a sweet gesture—but then again, we know what happens to people who get too close to Castor and Leda.

Delphine, herself, was told by Neolutionism’s top Dyad spy, through a mouthful of worm, that she wouldn’t make it through the night. He was right. Sigh. Science’s sexy quotient dropped dramatically the day it lost Delphine Cormier. (And its ick factor was upped 100% by whoever is designing those gross worms.)

There were other, less regrettable casualties too. Helena squared off against her Castor counterpart in a prison fight in Alison’s garage. (Was Dr. Leekie, so recently entombed there, rolling in his grave?) While we have no doubt that Helena would have bested him no matter the circumstances, Rudy’s glitches are what ultimately took him down. All the duct tape in the world couldn’t have saved him.


And then there was one (that we know of).


The episode wasn’t all death and destruction though: there was Alison’s big victory over Marci Coates and the Clone dinner party that followed. There was Helena’s reunion with her true love, Jesse Towing. There was Mrs. S’s breakthrough with her mother, and a trip to Iceland which united several generations of the Sadler/Manning/Malone clan (though we’re still trying to puzzle out how exactly those generations line up).



Somewhere, perhaps in the vicinity of Austria, one more reunion took place. Rachel came face to face with a kid-sized version of herself: young Leda clone Charlotte. Finally, Rachel will have a child on which to practice her abundance of maternal qualities. And in case you wondered where she picked those qualities up, we also got to meet another Professor Duncan: Rachel’s mother, who would appear to be the person the Neolutionists call “The Director.”

See you next spring.

Burning Questions

What is the significance of the finches outside of Rachel’s window?

What does that code written on the card Delphine gave Shay mean? And will Shay ever pass it on to Cosima?

What do the Neolutionists want with Rachel? Will she want to stay with them? How was she separated from her mother in the first place?

Will Helena have her baby by next season?

What do the Neolutionists have planned for Sarah and her sestras?

What the hell was that worm that crawled out of Dr. Nealon’s mouth and what designs did it have on Delphine?

Speaking of Delphine, who shot her? Like, tell us where they live.

Is Mark the only Castor left alive? Will they be able to save him?

And the most important question: how are we going to survive the wait until next season?

“History Yet To Be Written” by the Numbers

Number of votes Alison beat Marci Coates by: 56

Number of times Mrs. S threatens to kill her mother: 4

Clones impersonating other clones: 3

Ways to destroy genetic material: 2

Number of glitches Rudy glitched before his last glitch: 4

Casualties: 4 (Delphine! Noooooooo!!!)

Tear-inducing reunions: 6

Leda clones sitting around one dinner table: 4

Leda clones in the hands of the Neolutionists: 2